Cost-effective resources for information management and software development


Southeast Asia's growing markets are interesting export destination,
but how to start without considerable investments and risks?


Neuvos ARP, Asian Remote Personnel, is offshore staffing solutions company belonging to Neuvos Group of Companies and which specialty is on remote staffing of Asian based employees for Scandinavian companies. 
Our specialty from foundation year 1998 has been information technology.
We expanded to Asia at 2009 while opening our office in Malaysia.
Currently Neuvos Group companies are operating in Finland, UK, Malaysia and Singapore.
Neuvos is owned and managed by Finnish professionals.        
After selling largest part of ICT maintenance business in Finland at 2013 our focus
to ICT came to turning point.

During year 2014 our strategy changed from shared resources to focusing more
on personnel rental services.
Our six years of operation in Asia gives us the experience to search, recruit and train 
best local resources for the use of scandinavian companies.        
While having very strong ICT background we are excellent partner to arrange the telecommuting and operations.
Telecommuting and remote maintenance of customers systems we started allready at 1999
long before the term telecommuting had become as widely used term as today.        
During our 17 years of operation, we have served over two hundred companies and organizations in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Germany and France in long term business relationships.
In addition to this we have run short term projects for numerous other companies
around the world.        



We rent single employees or whole teams like typical employee rental companies with
 the distinction that our rental employees are remote personnel working in Asia, mostly in Malaysia.

Our specialities are Asian sales professionals and ICT professionals.
 We search and rent remote personnel also for the needs of software development companies and R&D companies.

Personnel can be rented for single projects or permanent positions.
Regardless of your industry, we will find you the best possible employees.

1. Sales assistants, sales professional and other sales staff

For the companies who want to expand in the Asian market safely and cost efficiently. 

Neuvos selects and recruits best suitable persons with its partners from
 the database consisting several thousands of candidates and using advertising.

As our customer you set up the criteria for the experience, skills and personality,
 The selection process executed in predefinied steps ensures that 
 candidates skills as well as attitudes and morale are suitable for the requirements of the position.
Our unique combination of Asian and Scandinavian employee personnel selection process ensures best possible result.
2. IT personnel

We have vast experience in supplying information technology personnel to our customers needs.
 ICT projects, management- and support tasks we have done remotely from year 1999.
 Today remote maintenance of the ICT systems is only restricted by
 the needs for hardware support and special local language skills.



Neuvos ARP  is cost effective and low-risk solution for dynamic company to expand to Asia. 
By renting the sales team you will quickly get experienced personnel which knows the Asian culture and sales principles.
At the same time you will avoid the substancial risk involved in setting up a company in a foreign country, hiring personnel, cultural and language problems, legal issues and hiring Scandinavian local manager to Asia.
Many companies tell also that they have been victims of the fraud attempts in Asian
markets, by renting the team you will also minimize this unfortunate risk.

Information technology companies and teams will benefit from lower costs and good availability of professional personnel.

Other significant benefits are:
 -Very reasonable salary levels compared to Scandinavia.
 -Good written and spoken english skills in Malaysia

-Personnel available in Malaysia that have language skills in china, indonesia, malay and indian languages and at the same time in english. 
 This combination covers around ninety procent of the languages spoken in East Asia.

- Personnel widely available and complete selection process in place that takes into account cultural differences.

-Selection and training process ensures that person is well suited for the position and
 will gain the necessary understanding about scandinavian work culture and values.

-Our contract and services are fully managed and includes all salary and side costs.

-Our contract also includes facilities, basic tools and support costs.

- The advantage from different time zones. The sales teams benefit while they can
 reach the Asian customers and supliers during  normal working hours and ICT staff benefits while they can do project and maintenance tasks during European night time hours.

-Invoicing can be agreed through UK, Finnish, Singaporean or Malaysian company.


*Coming soon* Our unique software to help your company to arrange remote personnels work, work reporting and feedback processing





Our service differs from other staff rental agencies significantly in a sense that rented employees are working from our facilities in Asia. The employer -customer keeps in contact by using remote methods like email, chat, videoconferencing and phone.
Administrative tasks is our responsibility which facilitates the employers focus to work management and guidance.

Our four step program ensures that start up of the service, the employee acclimatization and evaluation goes as planned and best possible results are achieved.


Phase 1. Aptitude

Employer contacts Neuvos, preliminary contract will be agreed and Neuvos start searching the suitable candidates. After preselection Neuvos will provide few best suitable candidates for the evaluation of the employer. At next stage employer chooses the best suitable candidate(s).


Phase 2. Adaptability

Phase 2 usually last for one month. During the phase employee gets, depending on
persons background and employers expectations, 1-5 days long basic training that includes Scandinavian culture, productive software, tools and security.
Usually the employer gives the familiarization training about employers products and work environment. Contract employee usually also start actual work after basic familiarization. 


Phase 3. Skills and effiency

Phase three usuall lasts three monhts but can be shorter if contract employee is hired for short project. In phase three the employee starts working in assigned tasks and his work performance and work habits are followed closely.
The contract employee must show in this phase that he will comply.


Phase 4. Results

 Phase four usually lasts for eight months so that after the phase contract employee has been working total 12 months. During phase four the clear results are expected 
from contract employee, especially when evaluating the sales staff.
After phase four the contract can be continued as a project basis or can be changed to permanent contract. Employer also can terminate the agreement at this point as well as at the end of any three earlier phases.


 Contract includes the desk for contract employer in one of  our offices in perfect locations. For the wellbeing of the employees, our Penang office also have showers, sauna and fitness facilities.


 Our long experience in remote work, secure connections, IP telephony, other remote
 technologies and supporting telecommuters provides a good technological basis for the operations. As our customer don't need to arrange or worry about the tools, the support or the other necessities of the effective staff. The contract includes desktop computer, mobile phone and IP phone if needed. Secure Voip VPN connection can  be created to employers facilities when necessary. When the contract employee needs a special laptop or smart phone we will rent the suitable devices with reasonable price.

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